Work – Reasons to Remove the Ink

15 November 2016 / By Beloved

The modern workplace is well accustomed to tattoos—they are much more prevalent than even five years ago. With both men and women alike lining up at tattoo parlors, it can be difficult for employers to avoid hiring workers with tattoos. This is especially applicable when the tattoos are hidden by clothing. If an employee’s tattoo is discreet and located in a place where it can be covered, employers usually have no issue. Visible tattoos, however, still cause rifts in the office.

If the employee in question interacts directly with customers throughout the day, such as a hotel clerk, a visible tattoo (such as a skull) would often be prohibited. Employers—more than often—want their employers to be visible-tattoo free.

It can also matter what the visible tattoo is. And, employers need to be careful not to step on any toes. If a visible tattoo is religious, sometimes a manager will allow it. Managers do not want to be accused of discrimination in any form. But more than often, any personal, visible tattoo will cause issues. Profane tattoos will almost always be forbidden.

Employees represent their company. They are the face of their business. Whatever visible tattoos they have become a part of that representation. Rules regarding tattoos are understandable, respectable and explainable. And whilst employers are also fair in their regulation, not crossing any inappropriate lines, they hold the right to avoid tattooed employees.

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