How a Tattoo’s Location Impacts its Ability to be Removed

13 May 2015 / By Beloved

How a Tattoo's Location Impacts its Ability to be Removed

There are a number of factors that come into play when going through the tattoo removal process. Some of the factors that can impact the removal process include color, size, the amount of ink, skin type, age, the amount of layers and the client’s health and wellbeing. Additionally, your tattoo’s location on your body is one of the primary factors.

Upper body. The level of circulation is determined by the proximity of your tattoo to your heart. This matters because your immune system depends on great circulation to improve the performance of white blood cells. White blood cells play the role of eliminating the broken ink bits from the body, consequently speeding up the healing process. A client that has tattoos on the upper body may experience quicker results and faster healing. The upper body encompasses the chest area going upwards.

Middle body. Tattoos located in the middle body have an average level of success when it comes to circulation and healing. This area includes the stomach, ribs, hips, pelvic region and thighs.

Lower body. Tattoos located in the lower body will have a slower rate of circulation and the healing process may be longer. Removing them may require more treatments, depending on the client’s health. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot obtain good results. All you need is to have more patience with these types of tattoos and the removal process. This region covers the knees going downwards.

For an effective and safe removal process, it is vital to seek the services of a reliable laser clinic within your locality. The standard waiting period between treatments ranges from six to twelve weeks. This period is mostly applicable to the upper and middle body region. For the lower body, you may need to wait for eight to twelve weeks between the treatment sessions. Each person is different and their tattoos are unique. Getting an opinion from a tattoo removal professional is important.

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