Tattoo Removal: How Soon Can it be Done?

13 September 2015 / By Beloved

Tattoo Removal: How Soon Can it be Done?

Many people end up regretting their tattoo, even just days after receiving it. People who think of tattoos in the spur of the moment often regret the tattoo later on. Even the most carefully thought out tattoos, however, can end up being a source of dissatisfaction. You can spend months thinking of the perfect picture or quote to be permanently placed on your skin. You may even spend more time searching for the right artist. This does not guarantee that you will love the final product. You can spend all of this time planning out the process so that everything goes perfectly, but if you do not like the tattoo once it is finished, you probably want to remove it immediately. Unfortunately, it cannot be done quite that fast.

While some tattoo removal services may start as soon as you would like, most tattoo removal professionals suggest waiting until the area is fully healed, which can take up to eight weeks. Why should you wait until the area is fully healed? It is so your skin does not become damaged during the removal process. On top of this, the removal process of a tattoo is not a quick one. The average number of laser tattoo removal sessions for most patients is between five and ten. Some tattoos can take less while some can take more. There are multiple factors that impact the number of sessions needed, including the size of the tattoo and the density of the ink.

It is important to note that these sessions must also be scheduled a few weeks apart. In total, the removal process can take months and in some cases even over one year. However, while this process may be longer than you were hoping for, it is better than having a tattoo you regret.

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