Tattoo Removal Myths – SHATTERED!

20 June 2016 / By Beloved

Tattoo Removal Myths - SHATTERED!

Do you ever hear something and that true? How much does that person really know? Should I google this?
Well, we're here to bust some laser tattoo removal myths.
1. There's no ink more difficult to remove than black ink. False!
• Actually, black ink can be one of the easiest colors to remove. We could give you a more complicated answer intermingling science and stuff, but we'll keep it at that-don't be fooled by a tattoo that's darker than blue or green ink.
2. Tattoo removal cream is effective. Meh... Not really...
• The ink is so deeply penetrated into your skin that no amount of chemical in the cream will work as well as a laser. It's essentially just bleach trying to fade the tattoo-but not thoroughly removing it.
3. The pain is unbearable, use numbing cream. Doesn't work.
• For the most part numbing cream is in the patient's head. Does it work? Not like they advertise. What Beloved Laser Tatto0 Removal does that is unique is a Zimmer Chiller. It blows ice cold air to help alleviate the stinging sensation from the laser. Pretty cool-pun intended.
4. It'll only take one laser treatment to remove the tattoo. Dream on!
• During a consultation with Beloved Laser, we will estimate how many treatments it'll take to remove that tattoo. It could take 5 appointments or 15, it's all dependent on the size, color and age of the ink.
5. Forget about removing that new tat! No, it's doable.
• Although we are unable to remove a fresh tattoo because of scabbing and sensitivity to the skin... say, 2-3 weeks... a tatto that is fully healed IS capable of being removed.
Beloved laser tattoo removal is here to de-bunk all of your laser tattoo myths! Schedule a FREE consultation with Karis today!