Outdated Tats – Reasons to Remove the Ink

29 November 2016 / By Beloved

Maybe it’s a large head of Elvis Presley, once an obsessive idol of yours, covering your back. Perhaps it’s a heart and an arrow with your ex-boyfriend’s name on your arm. Possibly it is a bright, colorful image of a feisty fire-breathing dragon. Whatever your regrettable tattoo is, it’s time to start thinking about removing the memory—not simply from your mind, but your body as well. Whatever your motive is to remove the “art,” you can rest assured that Beloved Studios will handle your procedure with gentleness, care, and will satisfy all of your personal requests and needs.

It is more than okay to admit that your once “hip” and “cool” tattoo no longer tickles your fancy. It is also alright to confess that you find yourself covering up your ancient tattoo as often as possible and that it provokes self-consciousness and embarrassment. There is no shame in realizing that you made a mistake and you want to rewrite your wrong. It is necessary to do some concentrated thinking and reflecting on what the tattoo meant to you when you received it, what it means to you now, and if you believe the tattoo is worth keeping for the rest of your life. Regardless of your choice, Beloved is there to support your decision and will be there when you need advice.

If you do decide to go through with tattoo removal, know that you are in good hands. If you want to prevent your newborn from questioning your cartoon tattoo down the road, Beloved is there. If you want to avoid the constant need to conceal a body part for your job, Beloved is there. If you simply want to feel more confident and sure with your body, Beloved is there. Beloved Studios promises to remove your ink with every intention of securing an enjoyable and satisfied future for you. Just call us up and we’ll help clean your slate so you can start over.