Our Laser Machine

12 December 2016 / By Beloved

Our Laser Machine

To have an effective tattoo removal experience, there are two elements: a powerful laser and a knowledgeable and caring certified laser technician.

What makes Beloved Laser Tattoo Removal special?

Well, in addition to our friendly and welcoming staff, it’s our laser. BLTR uses an elite laser machine—Quanta Aesthetic Laser’s Q-Plus C. Wow. This thing is good, and, it produces results.

You don’t want just any random person and laser hacking away on your skin. Our certified laser technicians treat your skin like it was their own. What helps us? The incredible Q-Plus C Laser. We’re going to give you some fast facts on why we swear by this machine.

  •  3 wave lengths of light—it treats those ink colors that are traditionally difficult to work on—blue and green
  • Square spot on laser which makes treatment on the spot efficient and effective
  • It comes with an incredible support team to further reaffirm why BLTR uses the Q-Plus C

Do you need more assurance as to why our laser is the best on the market? Check out these testimonials taken directly from the Quanta Aesthetic Lasers’ website:

“Unlike other Q-switch lasers in the market, the Q-Plus C with its multiple wavelengths is both a powerful and reliable laser. It is my laser of choice for tattoo removal and treatment of

lentigines. My patients love the results!”


"After extensively researching every laser in the industry with the goal to bring the best tattoo removal service to the Houston community, we are proud to partner with Quanta Aesthetic Laser. Quanta has set the standard with a global presence that is shaping the future for laser tattoo removal."


And, if written proof of the laser isn’t enough, take a look at some of these before and after pictures. Incredible!

As always, we’re ready to remove your tattoo. Call Beloved today to schedule your FREE consultation or visit us at www.belovedlasertattooremoval.com