What You Should Know About Tattoo Removal Creams

20 October 2015 / By Beloved

What You Should Know About Tattoo Removal Creams

There could be many reasons you are seeking to have your tattoo removed, whether it be for employment purposes, a lifestyle change or maybe you have just grown to dislike your tattoo. Cleverly marketed tattoo removal creams may seem like a popular alternative to laser tattoo removals. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of tattoo removal creams is a myth and the products are simply not effective. Not only is tattoo removal cream expensive; it could also damage your skin and leave your tattoo just as visible as before.

A frequent claim of tattoo removal creams is that they can pull the ink from your skin using bleaching ingredients or harsh acids. In reality, tattoo ink is in the secondary layers of your skin, far below the surface. Topical creams cannot reach this far or remove ink at this depth.

Besides offering no actual removal benefits, the abrasive ingredients in these creams can truly damage your skin and leave you with chemical burns, texture changes or even scarring. Some creams even suggest exfoliating your skin with sandpaper before the application. This will only make these side effects worse.

Because there are changes occurring to the top layer of your skin, it may appear that
your tattoo is fading, but truthfully this is the same effect you would witness from sun exposure, age or gradual skin bleaching. These falsely advertised creams can often be expensive, adding insult to topical skin injuries.

The most effective tattoo removal process is still laser treatment. Technology has advanced, meaning that tattoos are removed more quickly than in the past with a major reduction in scarring or texture changes. The technology used by Beloved Laser Tattoo Removal has to ability to reach deep into the second layer of skin and break up all of the ink into pieces small enough to be absorbed by your skin.

Of course, if you have any questions on how to improve the tattoo removal process between sessions, never hesitate to contact Beloved Laser Tattoo Removal online or by calling 651-797-3738.