Are Tattoos Acceptable at Work?

06 April 2016 / By Beloved

Are Tattoos Acceptable at Work?

You have been there before, sitting in the lobby with the receptionist and five other college graduates all hoping to get hired for the same job. You are wondering what qualifications the other candidates might have that you do not. One thing you might have failed to consider is whether or not you have a tattoo and whether or not it can be plainly seen. Having a tattoo can make or break your chances of getting hired, no matter how much experience, education or job training you may have undergone.
Although people generally get tattoos to show a unique aspect of their individuality, many employers frown upon people having tattoos in a professional environment, especially in places like the neck, hands, wrists, forearms and even the face. Appearances go a long way in corporate America. It is important that you always look professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the workplace.
Appearances are everything, whether we like to admit it or not. As an employee of any company, you represent that company and its values. That said, the customer's first impression of you is also their first impression of the company. An employee that dresses professionally and displays some level of knowledge and experience will convey to the customer that this company is successful. On the other hand, an employee that is unshaven and wearing shabby clothes that give off a feeling of unprofessionalism could encourage the customer to shop elsewhere. They may feel the company relies on unprofessional and incompetent employees. Seeing as people differ in their opinions of body art, many employers prefer to avoid any liabilities and hire employees that display very little, if any body art.


Removing Tattoos

Many young professionals are opting to undergo tattoo removal procedures before going into the job search process. Although tattoo removal has been an expensive endeavor in the past, advancements in laser technology have drastically reduced its cost.
Tattoos that are easily visible can directly impact an employer's decision on whether to hire you for a job or not. Having them removed from areas that are visible on the body – especially in a business that requires regular face-to-face customer interaction – might increase your odds of getting a job. Consider having any unsightly tattoos removed by the professionals at Beloved Laser Tattoo Removal to learn more about the tattoo removal process.

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