Portrait Tattoo Fails

02 April 2016 / By Beloved

Portrait Tattoo Fails

A picture is worth a thousand words. A portrait tattoo fail? Well, that’s a long-term investment that may turn that frown upside dow-… nope, still a frown. Inking yourself is about as permanent of a decision as you can make. You need to ensure that the piece is precisely crafted. It is something that will haunt you if done wrong.
Inking yourself with a portrait of your daughter/son/wife/husband/mom/dad/neighbor/dog/cat etc., is a rather thoughtful idea. However, take caution! We’ve included a link to a YouTube video that could have you rethink the artist or design you choose to proceed with. What about that loving picture of your new puppy? Yeah, it’s now an image of an evil dog on your forearm.
The last thing we want to do is make you insecure about that regrettable tattoo on your body. We want to remind you of BLTR’s services and make you #Beloved your skin again. We remove the big tattoos and the small tattoos. We operate with an elite laser and have exquisite staff. Call us today for a FREE consultation after watching the YouTube link below:


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